Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breaking Dawn Teaser!

Yes!!! It's almost time...again. Breaking Dawn is probably my favorite book besides the the original in the Twilight franchise. I can't believe the movies are almost over. Twilight is such a following for me. Yes, in between the movie I read other good books of course. But Twilight has brought my friends together. I know, kinda sappy right? Oh well thats what you get for reading my love post for Breaking Dawn! ;)

What was behind the meaning of the cover of Breaking Dawn?  If I remember right, Stephanie had said the chess pieces were representations of Bella's transformation from human life to a vampire, hence the red piece = Human, blood. White piece= immortal, vampire.  I think. Ideas people?


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  1. I'm super excited! I hope they keep it clean but romantic. Can't wait! Oh, and your blog looks cool! Great job!