Saturday, October 30, 2010 Darn Bridge ;)

First of all...A Happy Halloween to all!! This pic was taken by my friend Kjerstina Salmon. Isn't this so cool? There is this huge pumpkin activity in New York called the blaze. I loved this, very Halloweeny. :) If that's not a word, then I just made it up. Hope you don't mind KJ!
My Lake Mead, I really should go there again before it dries up.

The Dam Bridge!!! It is the longest suspension bridge on western hemisphere! Now I need to go park and walk it...some awesome picture taking in store.

Today, I spent serving others. In one way or another. Always nice to help if I can. My friends and I ran around town, getting applications for a friend who will hopefully rejoin the working force. After, I decided I wanted to take a little trip. This is the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, or the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge I think. I drive in to Boulder City often, to visit my Mom and Dad, but oh my gosh. I haven't been to Lake Mead in YEARS. Its so low. Quite sad. But loved the drive. And believe me, it is not scary at all. Sad to say, you really can't even see over the bridge, you can only see the moutains. Well, I have been known to say that I love spur of the moment roadtrips, and this is no exception. Except I didn't realize how long my little trip would be. I couldn't turn around at all. There's construction going around...and we missed the turn off. I asked my friend who went here before "Is this it?" "I don't know" she replied....AAAGH!! There are some places I haven't been yet. Like Kingman, Lake Havasu, GRAND CANYON, Northern Nevada. Yup...I'm just sad. I've lived here all my life and went to other places, just not the ones in my backyard . But I will. And it was fun, and we went home. All for now!

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