Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Late Night Ponderings

I saw my favorite movie on the big screen tonight."Doe, a deer a female deer....'
Amen Maxine, Amen.

Las Vegas Mormon Fort.....Love this Place!!

It might have looked this tonight, thunderstorms...WAHOO!!!

Hey Bloggers. Its 230 in the morning, and I am trying to stay up. So...I thought maybe I will update what has been going on since October is almost over. I don't have alot of pics. This is not supposed to be profound thoughts or anything serious like that at all! So here goes. I am loving that Fall is FINALLY here! :) Goodbye 100's! Although, working nightshift I am not liking it so much, I start going in the dark to work...boohoo! It seems like that October is Conferences month. First we got to hear from Church leaders at General Conference. It was so amazing. I had some friends over on Saturday, and we had a Conference feast...lots of fun and laughs. But it was great having people over and enjoying conference together. Unfortunately I did have to work on Sunday, but I was thankful to be able to watch on Saturday. Future blog might be coming with my thoughts on conference, I should work on that. But for now...Conference was great, great messages...and the best part, IT RAINED!! Just loved it!! And, after General Conference, this last weekend I attended a first annual Mid Singles Conference here in Vegas! It was so much fun. It was so great to see old friends, and meet new ones. Highlight for me was the program Saturday Night. We got to hear from two great speakers, President Hansen and LaVell Edwards!! I was super excited to hear from both . I have known President Hansen for so long, back in my Bonanza Seminary days up until I graduated from Institute, great guy. He tied in the theme of our Conference which was On to Victory, and tied in our heritage with the Las Vegas Mormon Fort and the Pioneer Trek. He attended his mothers California ward back in 1997, where a returned missionary was sharing his story of how he was serving in Nebraska at the time. And he got released, came home for two months and then the Church authorities had asked him to be a team captain in Nebraska for the Sesiquintennial Pionner Trek back to the Salt Lake Valley. The highlight for him was walking through Parley Canyon heading over the hill to the This is the Place Monument and seeing 1000 people in white waiting for them, waving white handkerchiefs and welcoming them home. It brought some tears to my eyes. 1997 was a big blurr for me, I don't remember everything. It was the year my Dad had passed away, a hard time, but I think back then as a 19 yr old. I thought the world would pause when my parent died..but the world keeps turning. Kind of ties in with the title of my blog :). But you know what? As I was listening to President Hansen I could picture these people as those we do temple work for. Now in reference to this story, they were to represent the 1000 saints that didn't survive the trek. And LaVell Edwards! BYU football fan here...I've been so excited to hear from Brother Edwards, he tied in stories from the field, and one of my favorite stories did in fact, come from President Hansen. An old man was in the hospital dying...and the nurses were trying to make him comfortable and he wanted to meet with his Bishop and Stake President, because his temple reccomend was to expire and he wanted to have a current temple reccomend in his possession when he passed away. Another story that was shared that night came from Elder Holland. Pls excuse me for not knowing the details of names, but the story goes like this. There was a earthquake in Chile, I think. A father and son were separated. The father had been trapped in a building and was able to free himself. And he went to look for his son. He went to the school that his son attended. He started to lift brick by brick. The police and firefighters were trying to pry him away, telling him it wasn't safe. But he paid no attention, and kept digging. He heard is son saying Dad! I'm down here, I told my friends that you would find us. You wouldn't stop looking. I knew that if you were ok, we would be too. (im paraphrasing here) The Father said to his son come on lets get you out. And the son said, my friends out. I know you will come for me. After hearing this story , I had a lump in my throat. Our Father will come for us too!

So..another topic, Facebook. Something bizarre and scary happened to me this morning. As a caution for my Facebook peeps. I had gotten home from work and was dinking around on facebook. All of a sudden, a cousin of mine that was my moms age, who I dont hear from pops in on me, which is called pop up chat. She basically was telling me that her family was on vacation in London and they were stranded, and was asking me for money to get back. I felt, something isn't right here. So I had been talking to a friend on the phone, and I dug a little bit deeper. I told her that I was sorry I couldn't help. And I asked who could I contact for her? And then, she says who? And then I said go to the mission home...and better yet, (this is where it gets good) I said whats the name of your bishop and I will contact him for you. Then I didn't hear anything. Then I saw her type OMG ..this is awful. OMG? Doesn't sound like Lida...then I asked again, then she said your mama, and got offline. As my friend said this morning, I was a victim without being victimized, LOL. I reported it to facebook, who disabled her profile..or Lida did herself. Hopefully I will get to tlk to her this wknd at stake conference and talk to her! So be careful friends. Well thats it for now! :)

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