Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Step Forward

With a last trip here. Where we walked....and walked! Just making sure I didn't miss anything.
This place was after The District...I hate this place, or I used to. Sorry Kohls fans

A must to stop inside here. Love looking around. My mom and I loved kitchen stores like this, another thing I haven't done in a really long time. I did pick up some pumpkin waffle mix! :) Now, onto the important stuff like......

A trip to Pottery Barn. I can't afford the stuff in here in a million years. But they do have some awesome bedroom decor, to help get me a feel. For what I want. I found what I would like to call the Princess and the Pea bed. The douvet weighed like 10 lbs. Then, the sales associate told me their secret, they stuff like 3 of them into the cover for the effect. Dang...and I can't afford even one, oh well.

The District at Green Valley, for some inspiration And this is what I picked out! I thought it was really cute. And you will never guess where I got this at...KOHL'S! I will now eat my own words, LOL. KOHL'S , I don't hate you anymore. ;) I will post a pic soon of my progress!!

I made a long awaited decision today. Big, for me. I've finally picked my bedding! So what, right? Let me explain. After my mom passed away, I had to make some huge decisions fast. First, the house...did I want to stay, or move? Of course, I wanted to I made the plans as necessary. Then, the rennovations to the house that needed to be done, in case I needed a roomate. So, I got that done. And of course, now that the house is mine, I don't want to stay in my room....I'm moving into the master. Redid the carpeting, plumbing, with help...etc. The one thing I didn't do in this process...was this was my mom's room. Who spent the last 3 months bed ridden. Who had a hospital bed in the room. And I don't know what it was, I had friends who offered their "decluttering" expertise. And I just wasn't ready, I wasn't ready to move forward and make it my own, heck I hadn't even bought myself a bed yet. I was doing other things first. I thought, I've been sleeping on the couch, I'll continue with that for awhile. Awhile turned into over 1 yr, until I was taken my first time by ambulance to the ER...because I couldn't get up off the couch! Sleeping on one for so long can do that, I guess. But that FORCED ME to buy my bed, which I did. And I got off the couch. But the next year following, did I find linen that I liked? No. Nothing seemed right. So...I grabbed whatever linen I had from the closet, and whatever blanket I liked. It was comfortable. It didn't look right, but I was fine. I don't know what got into me to day. But today was finally the day. It was like, OK. I'm ready now. As you can read, I am TERRIBLE when it comes to change. My gosh, when I repainted the house, or got a new front door, I started tearing up. Because slowly, this house was becoming my own. And it was a little sad. So, I spent the first hour decluttering my headboard, its a beautiful headboard, once there isn't all that stuff on it. I'm still not done, but I'm getting there....and its good. I don't know for me if that was all apart of my grieving process, or its just me, I really don't know. But I do things at my own pace, always have. I enlisted help today, because I knew I couldn't do it alone...I would talk myself out of it. I had no theme, didn't know what I liked...except for the colors I liked and did not like. So we went to town. First to the District, with a stop inside Brookstone, for nothing to but gawk. And then a store called Brighton, they had a garment bag that I just loved. But, I will need to save up for that one. And really cute jewlery too. Next was Williams Sonoma. Me and mom loved going in here or any kitchen gadget store for that matter. Pricey though, mostly looked..although I picked up some pumpkin waffle mix! Then to Pottery Barn for some bedroom things. Their prices are outrageous...but the looking is free! I have champagne taste on a root beer budget. ;) I spotted something I liked at Kohl's, but then decided to just get my pajamas and move on to see if I spotted anything better at the Galleria Mall....six later, nope. We ate lunch at P.F Changs...and I went back to Kohls. I was laughing so much, because I have hated KOHLS. I never go in there. I am eating my words now. I still not sure abt the clothes, but I have a new appreciation, LOL. And thank you Joeleene for helping me finally do this. Its always nice to have company. I don't think I would have done it without your help, as the song goes "Thats What Friends Are For" . As I am typing this post, this song is playing right now. Seems right.


  1. Have fun!!! You could have called me, too. I love decorating. I'm with you on Kohls. Still haven't developed a love for it.

  2. I know! Thank You. :) I didn't know if you could hang in for six hours, LOL. As I sit in my PJ'S from Kohl's...I won't knock them too badly. But, if you're on a budget, thats the place. I just don't think and of their stuff in my size is cute, its like going through the dumpster. LOL Sorry Kohl's fans...but nice bed/bath, and kitchen section. :)