Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm so mean.....

So....Halloween landed on a Sunday night this year. I didn't buy candy to give out to the little (and BIG) goblins. I spent most of Sunday asleep, then woke and spent time with my Grandma. We ate dinner, and I came back to my house for a couple of minutes. Now, while I was gone..I had the lights out, to you know, say I'm not open? Well, I turned the light on so we could see. And I forgot to turn it off. And not even two minutes later, I hear the kiddos running up to my door..."TRICK OR TREAT"! I'm thinking..."oh crap!" NO CANDY!! They were knocking and even wiggling my door knob?! So what did I do? I turned the light off while they were there. Then I heard a big...."AWWWW!" :( I felt kinda bad.....I'm evil. I'll make it up next year, goblins.

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