Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Moon

Sorry this isn't anything personal, just to get some things off my chest. Like a phone call to Mom at 130 am. So, this week has been super crazy!! And all because of the big, bad moon!! Hooray for the harvest moon. I seriously don't know what it is, when there is a full moon there is babies o'plenty! I worked Monday through Thurs night and every night was just crazy, crazy full of patients. But I'm so glad to get the chance to work and do what I love...and make up for last week when we didn't have as many patients, I've lost hours. And that's hard. But I have faith, sometimes not as much as I would like but nonetheless. Yesterday was bad again. I worked on my floor for abt 2 hrs when we got a call from my boss, telling the charge nurse, "Cindy's going down"...HUH?!? I went down alright...down in flames, LOL. Our sister floor is GYN, and the full moon had affected us all. They were such a load of patients. I feel like Cinderella this week, you know pre fairy godmother and Prince Charming. LOL It was like before, nothing was going right..or not right for me. But I put in perspective. Give their meds, keep them satisfied, and keep them happy. I was thinking of the song Don't Worry Be Happy. I didn't take my break till 330..I was just spent, it was a time again I wanted to vent to I just sat and cried for a minute, I was just so overwhelmed. I was good after that...and it didn't help that 3/4 patient's needed new IV'S...AND they were so hard! I got me some help and it was all good. At the end of the shift..I felt better. And I hope my patients did too! I needed a drink after that in a Starbucks, is like me in a bar, LOL. But it was soooo good. The End

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