Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cindy's Book Club- Mockingjay

Hooray!! I finished this one in five days. Loved the Hunger Games Series. What is the Hunger Games? I will sum it up like this. Think of Survivor, in Suvivor 12 or so people are stranded on a island and who ever outplays, outlasts is the Survivor right? In Hunger Games, 12 people from 12 different Districts are represented. There is no United States anymore, its a very desolate time where people are fighting to live, fighting for food..almost like an apocolyptic time. Kind of depressing. Anyway, "The Capitol" holds what it calls the Hunger Games. They pick one person from each of the 12 districts. They are playing in the arena, while the cameras are rolling. But, unlike Survivor, they have to kill each other. And the ultimate winner of the Games wins a better lifestyle in a nice house, plenty of food to eat, and the title of the winner. In Mockingjay, I honestly thought this was one of the most violent books that I have read so far. That part disturbs me. This author intends this book to be for young adults, published by Scholastic. But if I were to give this a rating like a movie, definetly PG-13. But a personal 5 stars from me!! Could not put it down!! I was rooting for Gale, although I like Peeta also. I was surprised at how much he was brainwashed. I don't know if I read too fast, but I didn't like they dealt with Primm at all. Without giving away, what happened? Granted, she didn't have a big role in the story, but I thought she was handled hastily. And I wished that she had spent a little more time on the triangle. Not that I didn't like who she ended up with in the end. But it seemed like she ended up with him because the other split, I don't know. It could have had a few more pages I think. As far as the war went, very well written. Almost too much. I think the ending was too short. She needed to explain herself, considering this was the end of the series...sheesh!! That's all. :)

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