Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 7th....Happy Birthday Mom!

Heading to St. George......Again. :)

My mom's birthday was yesterday. And I worked..and was tired, and I didn't get to post. Even though I'm battling allergies from the pollen released from the wonderful rain that welcomed me home, I wanted to share tonight. I love my mom. She was one of my best friends. True, with some mothers and daughters..we didn't always get along. But we were close. She loved to watch soap operas, hehehe...Neil Diamond, Country Music, visiting with friends...going to movies, going out to eat and going to the place she grew up St. George, UT. I have fond memories everytime I go up there, and alot of that had to do with mom. One time she just wanted to go one day...and I , ever being the spur of the moment traveler said, why not? We went for Dinner, I think stopped in Wal Mart and headed home. No reason why, just because. And I still do that sometimes. Again, this is my sounding board. Pls excuse me. But, I have been through alot of stuff emotionally since my Mom has gone. I have had bad relationships that right now, don't look like they can be repaired. But I hope my parents know that I have done what I can, and are proud. I'm doing my best.

I'm having trouble loading the whole video..any ideas?

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