Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday- last day cruising and Saturday-Honululu and Pearl Harbor

On our way back home....:(
We got a mini tour of Honolulu, minus the Polynesian Culture Center

"TO THE MEMORY OF THE GALLANT MEN HERE ENTOMBED AND THEIR SHIPMATES WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN ACTION ON DECEMBER 7, 1941 ON THE USS ARIZONA " a nice sidenote, those that survived Pearl Harbor had elected to be cremated and buried with their shipmates on the Arizona.

Oil still drips from the USS Arizona, and you could still smell it too.

Layout of the ship.

This was definetly one place I had to come and see. My Dad was NAVY, and this memorial is definetly hollowed ground. There was a spirit about this place. And my Dad would have loved this, as much as I did. I felt him with me.

Thanks google!

I am a LOBSTER.....OUCH!!

Part of the veterans cemetary, it was huge and they wouldn't let us get out to look. Boo!
Well...the piano was open at breakfast, look who's entertaining? ;) We're leaving the ship soon!! Disembarkation they call it.

Nancy and Drea

Much better..although I don't know what she got instead, LOL.

I made Drea Nancy go to the Teppanyaki restaurant, which they enjoyed, now was their turn. We went to this Italian Restaurant I think on fri. For some reason, I didn't want my pic taken, im guessing because I was feeling ick. But this is the before pic of her receiving her first appetiezer, I don't even know what it is, maybe some rare meat? I forgot now.
A hui hou Hawaii, I sure will miss you! :( In English means Goodbye, until we meet again.

I love it!
Can you believe we woke up to this? I was thinking of the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow .

So sad! The whole week just zoomed by! Yes, I did have some allergy troubles. But its all good. Friday we pretty much were hightailing it back to Honolulu. Unfortunately there was no time for the Polynesian Culture Center...or the temple. I WILL come back someday and I will make for sure to make time for that. But honestly, if you have never been to Hawaii like myself, I think that cruising was the best way to do it. You don't have to pack and pack again, catching planes or boats to go to the other islands. I wish only that I had more time, but what do you do when the funds are low? Hawaii is such a beautiful place. There is a wonderful vibe here on the islands...laid back, thats me or thats how I would like to be! I would definetly reccomend it! On friday, I was still under the effects of Benadryl and I pretty much stayed in the room in the afternoon. We all took a afternoon nap and we woke up to this beautiful picture. Definetly a experience that I will never forget. I LOVE HAWAII!!


  1. Oh, I am so glad!! And congratulations on posting on here. I'm proud of you. This is why I started blogging...when I miss Hawaii or somewhere else I've been, I can just go on here and be back there. LOL