Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hawaii; Kauai- Luau Kalamaku and other Adventures

In short, the Luau was so much fun!! Yeah there was some things I enjoyed ( purple sweet potatoes) and other things not so much (Poi, ewww.) But it truly was a celebration feast. It started to rain on our festivities, but it was a fine mist again. The Luau took place in this huge open canapy style tent. And there were THOUSANDS of people here to get their grub on! :) We did discover the Mai Tai. But don't turn me into my bishop...they were virgin. ;) Before the Luau we got to tour the plantation by train ride and we saw the papaya, mango trees, banana trees, among other tropical vegetation. I was starting to feel a little bit better thanks to my Benadryl. I got a lei again, but it was killing rubbed right against my burn. I hurt so bad! But at least I looked cute! LOL. :) Andrea looked like a little wahine, and poor Nancy joined me in my sunburnedness, I am sorry...if that's not a word, well it is now! After the train was like an open flea market outside to buy stuff. I ended up buying this beautiful picture of Waimea Canyon, that was painted by a local artist. They had food things, lots of handmade jewlery, local Hawaiian culture knick knacks..but you know us tourists are suckers for all that stuff. I tried to be good! Especially when my fundange was coming to an end. One thing is for sure on cruises, you are ALWAYS doing something, you come home needing a vacation from the vacation. Enjoy my pics...the official cruise photo at the Luau coming soon! Thats all for now....


  1. What a lovely time! Where are you going next?

  2. Yes it was!! I just went up overnight to St.George to see Tarzan, great by the way. My only trip plans are going to Columbus Ohio at the end of April for my roomates wedding!