Friday, December 21, 2012

The Nutcracker....And some side splitting funny stuff.

The Nutcracker. It was a place I was never invited to...nor could my parents afford to take me to.  I put it in the back of my mind as I began to appreciate the fine arts, thanks to my involvement in orchestra. I played the violin. I was exposed to classical music, and I did enjoy it! But I sidetracked my desire to go to the ballet. Until now. For the last five years, me and Grandma would always go do something fun around Christmas Eve time. Well this year, grandma is in Texas..and I couldn't go visit. And I'm working Christmas Eve. However, im off on Christmas. So I had nothing planned at all. I thought to myself..why not go?! I wanted to might as well take myself! I did bring my friend Joeleene along. I truly didn't want to go by myself. That would have been sad. But it was a surprise for her...she had helped me with so many things. And I know she was thinking of her mom  during this time. I wanted us to have a reason to go do something fun and forget worries for awhile. I was so happy..I only bought these economy ballet tickets last week! Truly spur of the moment. I was anxious, they were nosebleed  one  row down from the rafters. Really.  Boy oh boy. :)

We started our day going to lunch..where the waiter paid special attention to show us the ridiculously enormous chocolate cake.

We then went to kill some time. First time to discover some new stores..I loved these places! The Container Store and Charming Charlie at town square. Kinda funny though since I'm disorganized and don't wear jewlery alot... But I loved them. And I especially loved the mason jar section at the container store..and well at Charming Charlies I loved just about everything! Especially the prices..i'm in trouble. But not yet..since I refused to buy anything..yet. I'm making a  beeline day after Christmas. Charlie is Charming. Then we walked around...made our way down to the Apple store and played a little bit with ipads. Next up is Bellagio..we walked around the Christmas Conservatory and ooohed and awwed. We filmed some video for Lilly. Its so funny. My favorite line? I got the gingerbread. ;)


Then, after was closer time to start driving towards the Smith Center for the Nutcracker. I wish I could record us all was so dang funny. Do you ever just get punchy? Laughing at everything..ahem, my video above. We sat in the car and watched videos I shot on my iphone and laughed so hard we were crying. Then Joeleene pulls out a handkerchief to which I reply " They still make those?"

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