Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Carols

My friend Christene at Everything She Writes shared her Michael Buble version of this song. Which is fantastic. But for me..I have to share this one with Mariah Carey and Jimmy Fallon and the roots..and the cutest kiddos that are the background singers. Memories come to mind of driving to seminary junior year...having my very first car. Feeling so christmasy rocking out to Mariah Carey on my CD walkman that was hooked to a tape that played in my car. Instant CD player. That was my itunes. Great memories with Ember, Kjerstina..and whoever else chose to ride with me to school at seminary. Gotta admit 6 am seminary was tough, but great memories were had. Have to admit to afternoon seminary by senior year. But hey, I graduated from Seminary!  :) Rock on!


  1. Awesome!! I love Christmas music! And doesn't music just have that power to take you back? Morning seminary was a challenge, but also a wonderful thing. Good times!!

  2. Ahh yes! :) Good times indeed.