Friday, December 28, 2012

Past, Present, Future.

As the year is winding down,i'm taking a trip down memory lane. This is one of those posts that your supposed to tag people so they can do  this too. I'm not in the mood..but , if you want to do it then please do!

20 years ago - 1992. WOW. Lets see...I was 14. I was in eighth grade at Walter Johnson Junior High.  I loved being in orchestra class...with our eccentric orchestra teacher, Carol Jackson.  Some highlights were the trip to California. We got to go to play on the UCLA Campus. I really honestly loved being on that campus..I remember we got to play some really cool background music, like if we were playing music along with the actual Disney movies. It was pretty cool! We also went to Universal Studios and maybe Knots Berry Farm? I have vague memories. It was in English class that I got to know one of my longtime friends for the first time, Theresa. If I only had taken pictures of us back then. I loved going to mutual, Girls Camp, Youth Dances..and 90210. :) If I remember, I think my family took a trip for the second time to Denver where I got to hang with my Uncle Joe and Aunt Cordie. I loved Denver and I still do. I also remember the time of the Rodney King riots and how there  were people who walked out in protest, LOL. I mean really. Can't we all just get along? :) I remember my Dad already planning for my college career..and me crying about it. I didn't wanna go to college. I mean I was 14? Ha Ha. Thanks Dad. :)
My family around 1991 or 1992. The shirt says it all. I actually liked that shirt, LOL. :)
@BYU for Especially for Youth..circa 1995. The youngest pic I had!

10 years ago- 2002.  I was 24.  I had been a CNA for about two years. I worked in postpartum. Love working with the babies. In between working full time, I went to school at UNLV. Only two classes is what I could afford. Still trying to go through nursing school. And I was attending the UNLV Institute. Loved going there. Some highlights were my mom and I went to St. George on a cold friday night to see the Olympic Torch travel down St. George Boulevard. It was so fun to see. And, I saw my friend Brooke who had just given birth to her son Austin.  My mom and I went through the temple for the first time and it was such a special experience. I felt so amazing, and so glad to have gone through with my mom. We had alot of friends there that day..and I felt my Dad there. And we were closer to being an eternal family. In May Grandma, Mom and me headed to Salt Lake City. We had a great time. I had rented a car..and scratched it going through a parking garage. But I covered it up quite nicely with touch up paint. Whew! It was just so fun to go..we walked around temple square, we got lost in a cemetary. I was looking for the cemetary that had the prophets in it and anyway wound up in a Catholic Cemetary. Totally true. So funny, you had to be there I guess. We watched the finale of American Idol..we rooted for Clay, but liked Ruben as well. Some things don't change, LOL.
2002 I think I was also a bridesmaid for my friend Beth's wedding. Her theme song?
                                             All you need is love....  ; )

5 years ago-2007. I was 29 . I had been working as an LPN for a little over six months in postpartum. I was taking care of my mother at the same time.  It was hard and overwhelming at times. But I needed to shove aside the pride and accept help. Because sometimes you can't do it all. I was more than happy to take care of my mom though. She had passed away that November, the week before Thanksgiving. I was devastated but I learned things along the way. And I still do.

This Year 2012-it has been some year for sure. Some grandma needed to move in with her son in Texas. I had to say goodbye for now in May. Then, my friend Jessica was dying. She passed away while I was on my trip of a lifetime. I went to Europe!! Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin and Rome. It was truly an amazing experience for sure. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to go. I'm still working in postpartum and enjoying the journey.

Yesterday-  I worked last night. It was a nice night with only ten patients. Its all I can say. Work is good.
Tomorrow- Which is in two hours..I may be working, sigh. I was just asked to be put on call. I kinda don't want to go..but I need to help, and hey I need the money. Hi Ho, Hi Ho..its off to work i GO. I plan to go visit Patty's family tomorrow. Hope I get to see them. Maybe finish mailing my Christmas cards? I'm late. Its the thought that counts right?
This Year..or Should I say in 2013 I will... Increase scripture study..Meet new people. Not to be afraid to try something new. Maybe attend Women's Conference? And keep being my amazing self.


  1. Awesome post! What a fun idea. I loved learning more about you. <3

  2. Why thank you friend!! Happy New Year to you and your family <3