Monday, December 31, 2012


So, lots of things happened this fall. I'm just going to lump it into one post . Here goes-
September- Well started celebrating Alisons birthday and we celebrated by going to Time Out for Women I love going there.. It definitely was time to get my lamp refilled! The next weekend was the annual Mid Single Adult Conference. It took place at Lake Mead and in Boulder City at a sweet mansion that sat on the cliffs overlooking Lake Mead, it's called Pirates Cove. And it is awesome ! We were so exhausted but we had a great time and met new people.

In October, my friend Michelle came to visit from Maryland. So fun to catch up with her!

Then was the most anticipated, event... WICKED!!!! It was everything everyone said it would be. It was a great show! If you have a chance to see it, do it! I just love the Smith Center period!

My cousin Taylor came down to visit in November or October. Well to see her family that stayed in a time share , me was a bonus. ; )
So that's it in a nutshell. This blogpost comes from my phone. If the pics are jumbled, sorry. Its what it is. But how cool that I can blog from my phone?! I'm awaiting the new baby of 2013! And... I've got one whole patient . So I thought i'd give this a whirl.

Also, in October we went to the Mid Singles Adult Conference started on a dinner cruise boat- except there was no dinner or no cruise! But we had fun anyway...
Me and Stephanie!
I like to call this...Club Mormon. I did not go down into that hot sweaty pit. If I missed my future hubby, so be it!
Love these girls!
So...I took alot of pictures with my friends. And i'm glad I did. It was a great couple of months....

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  1. HOLY CANOLI!! My pics are ENORMOUS! I will be adjusting shortly, LOL.