Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hey Now.

Its 6am on a Saturday morning. As I am watching the sun rise, I am watching Glee sing a favorite 80's song...Hey Now :)  I have been on a rollercoaster of pain and nausea from a tooth pull and Lortab. Trust me, not fun. I've been up since four since I've been sleeping off and on. And its December 8th, I haven't bought one present yet. And its ok. I am decorated though..and thats enough for me. On happier news my Grandma did finally call me today. After I had 3 hours of sleep. I have been through some pain dealing with her. But I think I can say now that I have let it go as best I can. It was good to hear from her. I'm mourning rice right now...and my music from this blog? Sad.

I was told by a friend today that I am a  "Go To" girl. Meaning, I try to tackle my problems right here right now. I need to take things a little more slowly. To know that its ok if I don't finish things right here, right now. But being a go to girl that I am, I resolve not to waste my day today. I will do some house things..maybe a grocery shop. Maybe a dreaded trip to my gym? The possibilities are endless.

My "Pinsperation" for the day.

May your Saturday be Happy.

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