Sunday, September 2, 2012

August 7th...Arriving in Madrid, Spain.

After hanging out in Heathrow Airport for a couple of hours...we are off again. Now, to Madrid. I must admit how bizarre it is having got off the plane at 730am  and realizing it was 530 pm? Ugh. We've done very well.

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Madrid Airport...HOORAY!!!

The flight to Madrid was good. When we arrived I was nervous about going through customs for the first time..but all was well. And I got my first stamp on my passport.  : )

Awaiting the metro...whoops I blinked! ;)
Me with Margie and Hayden...our almost newlyweds!
Hello from the Metro!
What is nice about Madrid was the Metro was attached to the airport. Which was good. Bad for me..I realized I packed WAY too much! Huffing my what seemed to weigh 30 lb suitcase up 3 flights of stairs about killed me. Thank goodness for friends that helped me. Such a nice group of people. A  lot of them I knew from the Willow Springs Ward..that made it so nice. Next on to our grand accomodations...
The lovely Cats Hostel...No dogs allowed. LOL

Greetings from Madrid!

This was my dinner..banana crepes. A little breakfast for dinner. Some had churros and chocolate, which is their staple here..or ice cream. Very nutritious. Hey, we're burning it off!
My friends are glowing...Julia and Derek.
Until next time....

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