Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 10th- Paris!

Arrived in Paris today. Our airline, Ryan Air, was so ghetto. Its really true, you get what you pay for. We arrived by the subway once again...

*huff...puff*  ; )  STUPID SUITCASE!

But when we flew in, the airport itself was so pretty.

And then I saw our bus...we were going in style!
A Mercedes Bus!

We were about 40 minutes away from Paris. I enjoyed the ride there and getting to know Liz. Once we arrived we boarded the Metro to Paris to Le Gard du Nord Station
Once we got off we were studying the street maps...While en route..I had major allergies. I couldn't stop crying!
We finally got to Hotel Le Rocroy!

So happy to have a real bed!!
And I did have to take a picture of the bidday. : )

It was certainly a upgrade! And this time, I will be rooming with Mary Ann since we will be having our London adventure in a couple of days. I am SO excited to be here!!! A nother check off my bucket list please.
Our neighborhood at dusk. J'adore Paris!!
We finished our first night at a little french cafe nearby...
"Paris is Always a Good Idea."-  Audrey Hepburn

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