Monday, September 3, 2012

August 9th continued...Madrid

After we visited our first cathedral..we grabbed some lunch from the grocery store and found a stairwell to eat our lunch..overlooking a park.

We encountered some entertainment along the way..
Went to another lovely cathedral...
Next, we went to the Royal Palace of Madrid...or Palacio Real de Madrid!

Whats a few more stairs?
It was beautiful...but I think some of the highlights were the standing airconditioners..we were dying of the heat, LOL.
Tourist Life.

As we walked around Madrid today..lots of experiences for sure. It was later that night that I found out that my Jessie was failing...
It was so hard to not physically be there. But they told me they loved me and to enjoy every minute.  I had talked with Jessie about my trip and she was excited for I will enjoy. For myself and for Jessica. Life is short.  We need to celebrate everyday!

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