Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 7th- Its time!!!

Today is the day! My trip of a lifetime is finally here. I think I've had one already, but here goes another.  : )  We got to the airport early...much thanks to Becky, you're the best! We got to take off in the new terminal...and it was lovely. I had a mini crisis as soon as I arrived, I thought I lost my glasses! Oh drama...I was much too excited, all was's some pics of us waiting patiently. ; )
So the running joke on our little tour group was that we weren't from America. Because the europeans hate americans. So...we were from Canada..hence MaryAnn's Canadian Spray. Cause you know we're from Alberta.  ; )

Oh when I was at McCarran, I thought I spied a celebrity...I think I may have mistaken..cause now I have forgotten, oh well. We did spy our plane...

First Group Pic. Europe Here We Come!

Then I strapped on my dreadful stockings. We boarded and the plane inside was huge! Im not sure if its a 747 or larger but it had three large aisles..with a business class and first class. We rode coach..or the new word, economy. But it was very nice, and had a tv set on the back of the headrests! I loved listening to the stewardesses and the british accents. I listened to some music from the uk..a couple of movies, not to mention start my huge book, Insurgent. Why not? It was a packed plane, but they fed us dinner at 1 am, then breakfast laterf. Getting used to the time change was crazy! It felt like we had been up for at least 24 hours. The  flight to London was only 8 or 9 hrs. Not the 12 I was anticipating. Did I mention how excited I am to be in LONDON?!!! I am starting to realize that I may have brought a little too much luggage..

  Greetings from Heathrow Airport...and London!

Cheerio!  Until next time....

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