Sunday, September 2, 2012

August 8th- Madrid

Today we explored Madrid, and attempted to master the Metro. Our hostel is in a interesting spot. I love the culture here. The music is not what I thought it would be, its very americanized, not the traditional Spanish music. We started our journey that's a few pics.

First this is the roof of the lobby...crazy huh?

What am I pointing to you ask? See that towel just hanging in the fountain? Ugh.

Breakfast for Champions!

Walking the streets...I hate to say this, but its my blog and I will. You could smell the urine in the street! Just saying...Its muggy, and Hot. Aye Carumba! I love our walks...
Check the size of this candy, is that not ridiculous? We picked up our liters of water. No Candy yet for me..trying to be semi good.
We walked through the Plaza Mayor... it was beautiful!

On the streetlamps on the plaza, people would attach padlocks to the base with expressions of love. Aww.
To be continued....

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