Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures Why I LOVE Where I Live!!

Reason 1.... and one of my favorites.

Reason 2 I love that they're revitalizing Downtown. This used to be the old bus has a copper roof, you see? Now its this!
Only open on Fridays...but so much fun!! I'm happy to see things going.

Reason 4 .The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. Also Downtown. I'm in love with this
building!! Its beautiful. I hope to attend plays here this spring, MaryPoppins...and...wait...WICKED!!!

Reason 5 .Its sometimes discovering new places where you live that makes you appreciate where you are.

This was taken by yours truely on my Iphone?! At the Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City, right next to the cemetary. I never appreciated it. Until now.

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  1. Ooh, that first picture is one of my faves! And I really like the picture you took too. You are making me homesick!