Sunday, March 18, 2012

Women's Conference..and St Patricks Day

So, today I have to write this down for me..just a random entry.  Friday I went to the temple with a friend, and I haven't been in awhile. I felt the spirit so strongly there, it overwhelmed me. I sat in the celestial room and I let my tears flow as I sat in my favorite spot. I love being there, and feeling how close I feel to the Savior. Saturday was Women's Conference. It was something that I was looking forward to all week. But I felt so sick right before I got there. But I showered and drove down to the church. As I was listening to the featured speaker, who is......,  I listened to hear talk about our pioneers and the struggles they had to overcome. It was really great. But as I sat there, I had a plan forming. I was planning to leave after I heard this speaker and was not planning to attend the rest of the conference classes. The weirdest thing happened.  Something that my Grandma Mortensen was quoted as saying is the phrase As Plain As Day.  Well, as plain as day...after we had the prayer, I got up and proceeded to pass President Worthen and decided to make a beeline to the nearest exit for my car. As, I was heading to that very door, I suddenly veered to the right. It was almost as if I didn't have control. As if the spirit was literally pulling me along, I apparently NEEDED to stay and listen. I honestly wanted to leave, and it wasn't because I wasn't enjoying it. But at that very moment, I realized as I was being pulled to the first class, that I would go along with it. I know it sounds weird..but its honestly how it was. The first class was on Scripture study tips. And that was certainly a class that I  needed to hear. My scripture study skills always need some improvement.  The next class was on Finding the Joy in the Journaling. That was really a fun class to listen to. It made me realize as I continue on with my own personal blogging, this is my journaling of choice. Yes sometimes, its just wordy. Or other times its my venting session or just a place to put down my pictures. How did it happen for me? I had always started and stopped in my personal journaling skills. I realized while in nursing school, that someday when I had the opportunity to have internet in my home and a computer, I thought the idea of having my own personal blog, would be fun to have. A place for pictures,and thoughts and ideas. What I didn't realize was how valuable it has been for me. Its my sounding board, my venting place. Its good therapy. No matter how far behind you are, no worry. Start today, don't worry about it.

As I went to all of conference and I had invited my friends over for a St Patricks Day dinner I remembered what today was for me. It was not a coincidence the things I had experienced or felt this weekend. As I remember things about my Mom and Dad, I remember dates of things. Still do. I don't know if i'll ever forget..but I realized that today was the day my dad had his"accident".  I was going through normal things, and honestly I hadn't thought of it until today. Gosh, it will have been 15 yrs. I can't believe it. Time has really flown by..but sometimes it feels like I'm standing still and things around me are going  in fast forward. But for now, for me its step by step and day by day. My progress is my own and its ok.  I love this song and it describes my relationship with my Dad. Yes there were good times and sometimes I didn't get along..but I always know that he was my biggest cheering section. One thing he told me in my yearbook, they called it Diapers to Diplomas..he said to set my goals high, how proud he was...and lastly to never lose my smile. I'm working on that .  :)


  1. What an awesome experience at the Conference. Keep smiling. :)

  2. I know what you mean. I'm glad you stayed longer than you planned.

    This is a great post!

  3. Thank you Both. Its totally true. :)