Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm a little bit Country...

We're adding some new food...Japanese. Hamada of Japan
Studying the menus with our hostess..
Besties!! I look like I need a pint of blood!  ;)
I was on Facebook on Thursday, and I saw an offer for FREE tickets to the Donny and Marie show!! I later found out that Donny was sick, so just Marie. But it was free, and it was a fantastic show. I found out later after I picked up  tickets and met Dr. Royal, who is Marie's doctor, who also happens to know Lilly's mom. Small world huh? I've always admired Marie, and I felt  a little connection with her even though I have never met her. Her dad passed a week before my mom did. As I saw the whole Osmond family gather their strength and going to the Oprah show and seeing Marie on DWTS..I am just a fan. She sang this song at the show tonight its one of my favorites...get your tissues.
It was so amazing. And even better...we were THREE rows from the front stage?!! We ate dinner at Hamada of Japan, we tried Sushi and some other Japanese goodies. My friend Theresa and her husband Brian had actually got there before we did and they were in the back of the room...we arrive late and go up front. Ha Ha..but they did eventually get to move up. We missed Donny, but Marie rocked. And lastly...this weekend I got my refund, and its now official..
I'M GOING TO EUROPE!!!!!  Happy Dance! 

I learned this when my mom was in the hospital. My friend Patty came by to visit..she had lost her dad when she was 19, like me.  She told me she was going to be going to Egypt. And I said to her I can't imagine doing anything. And she said something that resonates with me to this day. You have to live have to take the time for yourself.  You have to have something to look forward to.  Its my chance, and i'm taking it. Nobody said it would be easy...they just promised it would be worth it.


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  2. What a fun night!

    And I'm sooooooo excited for you & Europe!!!

  3. I'm so excited! And I love reading your blog...I might be borrowing your quote from President Hinckley.