Monday, March 12, 2012


I sometimes feel like this lil' chick running on hot sand. To me, it represents us on our own waddling, hopping down the path.  Even though, its been a few years since my mom has passed and even longer since my Dad has passed there are times it hits me fresh all over. My grandma who is well up in years, as of late hasn't been doing very well. And sometimes, it felt like an uphill battle to help her. But I am seeing that things will work out and my wish for her is being fulfilled, it hits me hard tonight that this is it. Even though she will hopefully, eventually, live with her son's family..and I know that I can call, visit, etc. But it just  reminded me that she is one of my last close family contacts. I don't wish this feeling on anybody. It is so hard and painful sometimes. But, even as I let this out, talk it out...I know that I have a wonderful support system of friends that some have been through everything with me through thick and thin. And I am so grateful for that. Where would I be without my friends? A friend shared this song on Facebook..that I will share with you and these last thoughts..

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