Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why? Because I Can!

Valley Girls....and a boy.

Valentine's 2001

This is my friend Shauntae. I got to take care of her 10 yrs ago. And we've known each other since our Primary days. Aww. Thanks for sharing this picture! Someday, I'm going to give in and get a scanner. So thanks for digging through your memory box! I've been at my job over 10 yrs now, and I have had the chance to take care of many old friends, so fun.  So until I start scanning this is my only blast from my past! P.S Shauntae, I totally think we need another picture again soon! Ten years later? :)


  1. I was so scared to be a new mom, but seeing your friendly and familiar face helped me feel a little more courageous. <3

  2. Believe it or not, its always fun taking care of my friends. <3

  3. Wow! Shauntae is all grown up and having kids! I remember the old days of climbing her tree in her front yard and hiding from my mom when it was time to go in. That is awesome you took care of her!

  4. Well Kjerstina, long time no see! :) Yes..I sure did. We found each other on facebook and then Pinterest. Come join us! And you met my friends the Dyer's? What a small world!