Monday, February 20, 2012

A little Reunion with the Family...and the Mouse.

When I went to Denver, I made plans to meet up with my family in California in February. Thought it sounded like fun, and I didn't get to see my relatives while I was in Colorado. So, Thursday afternoon me and Alison hopped on the bus to head down to Cali! My post won't be that long..but here are some pictures that I took along the way.

Our hotel. It was lovely.

The weather was perfect! We walked to Downtown Disney for dinner at a restuarant called Tortilla Jo's. It was a great Mexican place. If you like Mexican come here..and try the Posole.

Friday morning we started bright and early. I think our first ride was Its a Small World

Still figuring out my phone, lol.

After a short stint on the Teacups, I figured it was time Alison got behind the wheel...

Met some of the family here....

I finally went into The Tiki did I not know about this?
And..I discovered a new treat. How did I now know about this?

I love this picture!
The Three line for Pirates of The Carribean!
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A pirates life for me!! It was worth the wait...and some of us got VERY wet. Sorry Edie!! :)

After the family left, me and Alison ate at Blue Bayou in New Orleans square and split the Monte Cristo. A-MAZ-ING!! :) We waited a super long time here, but it was worth it.
While waiting outside guess which celebrity I saw? Not alot will know...
Todd Manning, from One Life to Live! I wish I was brave enough to take a real picture.

Lines were pretty bad, broken rides. But we got to see The Wonderful World of Color in the California Park.

To be continued...
And I'm Back!!

Waiting in line....
Ferrous Wheel was great and so was the roller coaster. It finally wasn't closed for repairs.
Trapped in a Box...

Last group into Tower of Terror, thanks to drunk man outside. Shut down the ride and the portion of the park.

Fireworks were fanatastic.
More to come...just a little.

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