Friday, May 20, 2011


                                                                    So...I'm a nightshifter.

I work at night, and I am having a terrible time going from my night time schedule back to the "normal people" schedule . No problem while I'm working, its coming off of my three days, that has me here staying up all night. So here I am blogging tonight. My night sky has never looked liked that, but I thought it was a really neat picture. My night was so weird..I think that sometimes you get to the end of your workweek and you're thinking Jimmy Crack corn...and I don't care. I was thinking these things...but again I'm super grateful to have a job that I love .

                                                                    Shower Power.

Wouldn't it be nice to have showers like these? It looks so nice..I have to share a little story. My patients wouldn NOT take showers for anything during the daytime. So I come on shift, and I tell one she really should take a shower. She says she doesn't want to...and so I ask her why her concerns. Her Mom told her she would get gas from taking a shower. Its true, I don't make this stuff up...I tell her its a myth, hop on in. So she did.  The next one spoke Spanglish, and I tried to get her to take one as took me 12 hrs, and a few oh nos...but I convinced her. She said she felt so much better.  And no, I haven't personally seen showers like these, maybe in those fancy Hotel suites, though!  :) And its days like these, that make me feel like I make a difference.

I can't believe that May is almost over. Its gone by so fast. I have had some letdowns, but as I have said time and again...these things are apart of my journey. My class didn't go as well as I would have liked. Its such a struggle. But I have had and aha moment. I didn't want to go in the first place. I went out of necessity, as I felt at the time. I'm feeling better..but what I realized is this.  While I was working a job and going to college before, I was driven. My mom would tell me after I had a bad bought with a class, that there is nothing wrong making a living with what I'm making. But, I was thinking..yes there is. I can't support myself on it. And I still don't know today how people make a living on that income. The facts are this. I came from a good family, but my mom and dad didn't go to college. I see it like this right now...if I can pay my bills, tithing, and be ok, then thats fine with me right now. I want to be more secure financially before I do it again. I seriously right now, don't have big aspirations to go higher. Its honestly how I feel right now. Will I go back? Probably. But not now, when I'm ready..i'll know. For now, I'm on a hiatus.

Lastly, I need ot discuss Idol. Oh my gosh, they were all amazing. I can't believe its almost over. And now, I can say, I'm super excited for Scotty and Lauren. I wasn't a big fan of haley, but she rocked it. But Scotty and Lauren are both country artists and the youngest finalists in idol history, so thats cool.  Team Scotty!! But here's a pic of the final 3 Pause my soundtrack to hear.


Two of my faves...

So, my post isn't your traditional blogging thing to do. But Jimmy Crack Corn....;-)

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