Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 A nurse's job goes on and on,

doing tasks from dusk to dawn.

 There's meds, there's records, and requests to write,

 running tests all day and night.

A nurse's job goes on and on,

and on and on and on and ON,

There's screaming patients down the hall,

In 13, Aggie's had a fall.

 Though busy with input on computer lap,

 they fluff up pillows so I can take a nap.

 The nurse of today is the doctor's right arm,

 guiding the patient through sickness and harm.

Our pillows are all canvas-coated,

Concrete-filled and rather bloated,

We try our best demands to meet,

But - this sorry doctor's all left feet.

 A compassionate nurse in word and deed,

 is always there in time of need.

 It's from A to Z the jobs that you do,

 we can't make it through life without assiatance from you.

They never come when he's unwell -

I'm hammering this *******' bell!

How'm I s'posed to get a bottle...

(This screaming child I'm about to throttle.)

 I've seen this nurse in many a land,

 from hospital ship to war's blood soaked sand.

 Through pain and sickness; lost hope and dispair,

 the corpsman, the nurse, you are physically there.

My dearest dream, my fondest wish -

That my next nurse be speaking English!

Through ten long hours, no how, no way,

Couldn't understand a word she'd say.

 I may never need a nuclear tech.

 But without a nurse my life's ship is sure to wreck.

 Praise the Lord, your heart cries a nurse is here.

Life's ship be damned, my 'roids are smarting,

Leave off your senseless, endless charting!

Ring cushions by the truckload... oi!

That electric wheelchair's not a toy!

 It does not matter if you're young or old,

 the touch of a nurse has the warmth of gold.

 I'm just, as you see, an old military guy,

 but I've received your compassion from land, sea, and sky.

The old ones moan, and wheeze, and creak;

The young ones dither, far too meek

To drag me off this comfy bed

And walk me, like the doctor said.

 As I'm finishing life and all my friends have died,

 give me a blessing from God and put a nurse at my side.

 Yes, praise the Lord my heart cries as I glance through a tear,

 it's like back in Mom's arms when the Nurses are here.

My nurse is fully six foot three,

No mother in compassion he,

But "mother"'s what I call him when

He treads on my damn oxygen!


Brian Short

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