Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and a Happy Father's Day.  I want to thank you for always believing in me. For giving me the guidance, the patience and the encouragement....even when I didn't always want to hear it. I can't believe that 14 years have gone by. I think about you often, and sometimes I worry about if I would recognize the sound of your voice, but I need not to worry. I know that you and mom are watching over me. I am trying to go on the best I can, but there are times that I miss you. I wonder what you would say about different things. I wonder what you would have said when I graduated from nursing school? I'm guessing I told you so :). It hurts to know that you won't be there for the future big moments in my life. But, I know you are there in Spirit.  I miss trying to figure  what I'm going to buy you for your birthday, fathers day...and even getting you a birthday card. I try to visit you as often as I can, but you know and I know how I feel about cemetaries. And I know that you are not there.  But I love you always.


This was a song that you told me reminded you of your Dad. In a way, it reminds me of my realtionsip with you too. There were lots of things I didn't get to say....."The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics."

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