Monday, May 9, 2011

Nosy Rosy..

I shopped in my favorite store...
Have you ever peeked over in someone else's cart? C'mon now....
I saw this and was intrigued. I was a nosy rosy. I couldn't see it all..or that it was a box of tissues.
I thought this box of whatever said.."I'm there for you when you stink"..I thought how clever for a box of laundry soap...and then it got flipped over, LOL.
And MOST importantly I discovered these..reminds me of my cruise...ahhh. Birthday cake for my grandma..with rasberries, to dress it up.
And I even made this for the first was amazing! Eggplant parmesan. Recipe coming soon!

A Happy Mother's Day to all...and to my Mom, love you lots and miss you so!

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