Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Voyage to Provo ... aka Star Wars

So as you can see, we had a freaky snow storm. It started in Parowan. And it got so much worse. I have never seen so much snow before. I love rain and some snow, but this was ridiculous. The blessing in all of this was that even though I was driving at night, thankfully there was no black ice on the roads. After Parowan and further into Beaver and Fillmore it was honestly a white out. I drove white knuckled pretty much the whole way I think. I had my friends Lilly and Alison with me. But I can only describe it like this.. Star Wars. Because you were in this dark hole with all this white flying towards you. It was so terrifying, and I was panicky. But we prayed every 50 miles, I knew we needed to go forward. I drank an energy drink, and I knew I wouldn't sleep and lose even more time on the road. We were protected. So I drove abt 25 mph all the way up there, not to mention road construction in between. So I ended up getting up there around 3 took me a total of 12 hrs. But we had a nice room waiting for us at Marriott, so this is day one and I'll continue next time.

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