Sunday, May 23, 2010

Super Weekend

I loved doing this, but honestly ...I can't sew worth a didly darn. But you know what? It don't matter. Who ever gets these lovely quilts are not going to care about the stitching, just as long as it gives them comfort. I might need to keep going with this.
Look at you Lilly, go on with your needle! ;)

Aww...look JoJo is learning to quilt :)

Time to work on my quilt!


  1. I can't sew either! I made one of my girls a dress once, with Judy's help. It was hideous! Lol! Cooking is more my thing.

  2. Amen Raunee!!! :) But I like the idea of becoming the LDS girl that can whip up a blanket like this (snaps her fingers)! LOL Oh well its fun learning, and I didn't stab myself.