Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sisters Week

Did you know that it was Sisters Week this last week? Well, according to a text from my cousin it know one of those cute txt or forwarded emails, you keep passing along. Even though i'm an only child...I have lots of sisters!! The following poem, was called friends indeed and there was no author noted. So...i'm renaming it and adding to it, here goes.

Sisters Indeed

A sister is someone to share your whole day with and someone to wish upon a star
A sister is someone to laugh with till your crying
A sister is someone to sing badly and loudly in the car
A sister is someone to share the big tub of popcorn with
A sister is someone to french braid or possibly dye your hair
A sister is someone that is always there for whatever you need
Yes, we're more than friends we're sisters indeed

Love to all my sisters...muwah!! :D

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