Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making Time.......

So, I have been so incredibly busy this week! There are so many things that I could be or rather, should be doing right now. But, you know what I think. The dishes will still be there, and the laundry...and its ok! Those pesky things don't bother me, LOL. But while thoughts are still here, I thought I would sit, be watching my favorite movies on the tube right now,(August Rush and You've Got Mail) sit down and blog! So I need to continue my update from last week. Last time I reported I was down abt 6 lbs. Well, by day 12 I had lost 10 lbs! I was thrilled. I don't think there has been a time where I have dropped so much so quickly. My clothes are looser...the hunger is better, I'm adjusting. But I know that it does work. Now, this weekend..I did go on hiatus. . I will see the ramifications of that on Monday...oh well. In other news, this is pretty big for me....I pretty much cleared the second bedroom. I even had guests in there this weekend. Imagine that. Miracles do happen, LOL. Honestly for has taken a long time, not because I was lazy and didn't want to, or because I didn't want to embrace the dejunking side. I think what it was is that I needed time...there were my parents things, and yes my mom and dad is throughout the home, but I don't know. Its what I needed, and I shut the door to it. And as time has passed, bit by bit I would work through a little. I can't "declutter" in a day, I would be a frickin' basket case! But looks pretty good, you can walk through there. And yeah, I'm proud!

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