Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adventures in the Boulders

I know what you're thinking, what does this mean? What happened this weekend? Well, started out with fizzled plans. Last minute, I decided I wanted to go to a Star Wars in concert which was a live orchestra with a big screen playing the original movie background with some cool special effects. Since I waited last minute, the cheapy $25 seats were gone, and I couldn't reason to spend $55, so I decided not. Then, Joelene contacted me and wanted help with her dads scrapbook she is going to give him for Fathers Day. I said sure, and I also made plans with Lilly and Melissa to go to Boulder City to...ready for the name? The Best Dam Barbecue Cookoff. Thats in honor of Hoover Dam, get it? So I was in for a fun weekend. I invited Alison over with Joelene. She has this awesome machine called a SHARK. I wanted a test drive. Its a steam cleaner thats about the size of a swifter. And, the best part is no soap! All steam, and its so simple I can use it. Did a great job in my kitchen! I'm sold. You know how when you stay up late and things are super funny? Totally me on friday night. I'm helping Joeleene with some scrapping, and i'm making pages of people I don't know..and she doesn't either. And I made a page of funeral pics, and the back said Bob Carlton. Got to know though, I think funeral pictures shouldn't be allowed. Sorry...thats me. We were just laughing so hard...I also made a page for her uncle that died, or so I thought. She gave me all the pics of this kid...I thought was the young man she wanted me to do, and then she says she doesn't know who he is?! I about fell on the floor laughing. Good times. So we staye d up late scrapping, and got up later the next day. Went into downtown Boulder City for the BBQ. What a cute town! I never head past Buchanan, thats the turnoff for the cemetary that mom and dad are at. But I love Boulder City! We all had a great time at the bbq and to follow and then we were off to Boulder Station to see Shrek 4. Excellent by the way! We all put our names into a charity drawing for stars of hope. Lilly won the shirt! Now, the big drawing is on Tues for Outback gift certificate and 4 movie tickets...good luck ladies, hope one of us wins....our odds are good!


  1. How funny! Everything does get a bit more punchy when it's late at night. BTW, I have a funeral file started for myself. Being the "color" person that I am, I've also told my kids I want my casket lining to either be in cream or soft peach (my autumn colors)-- 'cause otherwise I'll just look dead.

    I happen to own a shark. Mentally it makes me feel good thinking I am steaming those germs away.

  2. You are hilarious! I wouldn't want you to look dead either, LOL. I LOVE the shark!!