Thursday, February 7, 2013

Five things about me.

Hello! There's this little challenge on Instagram...And I haven't been tagged by anyone yet. So with that being said. I am inviting myself to the challenge. Five things about me...ready, set, go!

1. This is one of my favorite pictures because I am standing in one of my favorite places..Iao Valley National Park in Hawaii. Its a lovely place.

2. I have this obsession with Sonic Ice. It reminds me of hospital ice. And that makes me happy.

3. I can be a kind, drill sargent nurse. If you haven't been up and your a out. Bwahaha! "Me- you need to walk. Patient- but ive been up all day. Me- thats ok, come visit me...OUT AT THE DESK! GET UP! :) "

4. I love to meet and talk to people..although sometimes I am painfully shy. But if i'm in a new place I constantly notice..people will talk to me, or at me. And my little car attracts ginormous SUV'S in any parking lot, no matter where I park. Its true.

5. I'm shoving all of this in to the last...I've been banned from McDonald's, set my stove on fire...and drove through my house. Any Questions?

And if you haven't been cool enough to be tagged. You just have.  :)

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