Thursday, February 14, 2013


So I have a bunch of pics and I need to update my dear here goes. So, for my birthday I bought myself a nice gift

This book is amazing. Read it. Devour it. Your Welcome. : )

Meanwhile...I pushed to the backburner reading another book..and then I got invited to Christene's home and we met Julianne Donaldson author of Edenbrooke!!

It was a great night. Great conversation..Great food. And I STILL hadn't read it. But hearing these ladies totally swoon over it..and then to hear from the author herself, I HAD to read this now. I actually ended up reading this last weekend. The book is great. I finished it in a day or so. But it really takes off quick. I wish I had a Phillip.. *swoon* You can read a preview of Edenbrooke on Amazon.or buy it at DB.but I have something better for you.

The next day after the party we celebrated Lilly' s birthday! It was so much fun as always.

The card reads Queen for a Day. Fitting I think for Queen Elizabeth.

Friends Forever!
Two thumbs up approval!
Happy Birthday Lilly...We Love You!!
I received some birthday love myself...I love this poster. My adopted motto.
Thanks Tiff <3 p="">
I looked in the mailbox and what did I see? A new book...Emmalee!
Thanks Goodreads.
And..HOLY CANNOLI!! That's me. I'm in print.

After winning my book..I tried my luck at trying to attend the sold out Imagine Dragons concert. Not so lucky.
But, I did see the band..I stood right behind them! And..I met a Sister Wife. ; )
Pinterest Project Success. And the great thing? It was actually
my coworkers birthday this night that I went in. We ALL were surprised.

I brought in Texas Caviar..and we ate enchiladas..and red velvet cake. Yumm .


And Happy V-Day..and Single's Awareness Day. That spells sad! Ugh.
Loved this picture.

Lastly, I was blog surfing this morning. I read a post about a local ob-gyn that has a playlist on the ipod for his c-sections.
Check this out-
1. I'm Coming Out- Diana Ross  2. My Little Girl- Tim McGraw ( I wonder what it is if its a boy?)
And 3....
I forgot how much I love this song.  Love Coldplay- Fix You. Imagine that while you're being sewn back up.

: )


  1. I don't follow the show really, but I know she is the second wife with blonde hair. They live in the far northwest..and get this, their go to seminary!