Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Club- A Heart So Broken

Its funny that I write a post about book club, when I don't get to participate in one..because of work. With that in mind, here is my own private book club. I hope to have a fun name later. My friend Christene wrote this debut novel. Its wonderful. You will laugh, cry..and feel all warm inside! Since its Valentine's Day..head on over to and enter her giveaway for this book.  Best of luck and Happy Reading! P.S.  you can purchase her book at Barnes and Noble..Amazon and alson on her site you can purchase an ebook. Those are the best I tell ya! :)

My Review from Goodreads-
This book is so amazing! Its a about girl named Jenna Tucker, who's going through the grief of losing her Dad while serving in Iraq. In her grief she gets involved with the wrong crowd and heads towards a downward spiral. Her mother sends her to live with her Aunt for the summer to sort out her life. I could identify with Jenna. My heart broke for her as she was dealing with the hurt of losing her own father, the anger to know that only one had survived. This is definetly a page turner. I loved the romance that developed for Jenna. I probably could have stayed up all night to read this one, but after being up all day I chose to sleep. And finish this in two days. This is a debut novel of a dear friend. Great job Christene!! Can't wait to read your next one. :)(less)

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