Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend...the third.

I love 4th of July and all of the festivities that go along with celebrating our country's birthday. Good food, friends, family...fireworks. I was in search of all that. But here is how my fourth rolled out. I was scheduled to work on the 4th of July which happened to be on a Monday. So I decided to attend the fireworks extravaganza put on by this place...
                                        This is Lake Las Vegas, nice huh?

I attended my church meetings and it was great. I decided to do this, and invited my friend to go with me. Lake Las Vegas is this huge community adorned with homes I could never even fathom living in. But it is fun to look at. Anyway. There is a big man made lake and they have activities there occasionally I guess. So later that afternoon, I start to drive to Henderson..and I see this.

 I'm thinking to myself, oh how nice rain drops. I hope this doesn't last. Meanwhile as I am driving across the valley the storm is just following me. I hadn't watched the news the night before, so I had no idea if rain was in store for us. But I knew that July is Monsoon season. That meaning, without a moments notice...KABOOM! Tons of water and just unprepared. So keep this in mind...

Next. I arrive at my friends house. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining..all was well...then we waited at the entrance to Lake Las Vegas..
                 I need a visual. Hahaha. We sat just like this waiting patiently to get in. :)

And then the clouds rolled in....

Then, the heavens opened up. Now here are some pics from my short stay at Lake Las Vegas.
                                                Calm before the storm.
                                                        Wiper Workout.

Your 7. Yeah.

Here's a new lake forming...

Whew!! Get me outta here! :)
I thought this was a neat shot. Nevermind the flash on the window.

I personally love rain. But I must say, it is darn right scary driving through monsoon weather. But the air smelled fantastic!! And as bummed as I was, I thought to myself..this is what happens when I plan something on a Sunday, even though it was free. But here's how the fireworks would have looked...

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