Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Book Club- Have you read these? If not...you should!

A warning: You might need some of these!

Are you looking for a good read? First I need to tell you about one of my favorite sites, GOODREADS. If you like to read its a great site to go to and review books and review books that you would like to read. My friend Kim introduced Hush Hush to me, I was instantly hooked. And I discovered that the sequel Crescendo came out a few days ago. Oh, how I love the instant gratification of the Kindle. I only have it on my PC though, but its fantastic, I love it. I loved Crescendo, gave it 5 stars. I read it in one day. Now I some cucumbers for my peepers! It was a non stop thrill, and it didn't go the way I would expect...and yes there will be a book three, or at least there better be! Time to turn my computer off, its about to burn my thighs. :)

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