Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Turning 50! Fifty things about me :)

You're probably wondering...what the heck am I talking about? Well technically, this is my 50th blog post. Wow. Imagine that? I am kinda liking this blogging thing. In honor of my 50th post I'm posting a note I wrote on Facebook. Its modified, but you will get an inside look of me. Hope you enjoy!

1. I was born in Las Vegas
2. I've never left Las Vegas
3. It annoys me when people can't pronnounce Nevada right. NE-VAA-DUH, not NE-VAH-DUH!
4. I stood on top of the World Trade Center, but have yet to see the Grand Canyon
5. I remember the smaller Las Vegas, and on my birth certificate I was born outside of city limits and I was a Sunrise baby!
6. I love rain and some snow, I almost got trapped in a flash flood.
7. I drove through a blizzard, at the end of April?!
8. I tend to break bones on the right side of my body. R arm when I was 5, R foot when 17 at EFY.
9. I drove through my house.
10. I've set the stove on fire, by accident. Thank goodness for Best Buy Clearance! Cuz Mom made me buy a new stove.
11. I've worked in the mall and lived to tell about it.
12. I'm still not sure what is in a Orange Julius, but i have an idea...
13. I've been on a Church History Trip,but I haven't seen the new Nauvoo Temple yet. Someday though.
14. I've been to the Hill Cumorah Pageant, and Manti Pageant.
15. I took care of a senator who helped me to cut a big hospital bill in half.
16. I don't think there is anyone that you have met that you weren't supposed to.
17. I won a $5000 shopping spree at Meadows Mall
18. I got filmed for a Church Education commercial for institute only to be edited out...I'm still nursing my wounds.
19. I've been in a earthquake here in Vegas, on the top floor of a hospital..I was trying to calm coworkers and patients, that we weren't going to die.
20. I love to read, and I didn't think I would pick up another book after nursing school.
21. I never live my life by a schedule...its not fun.
22. I have parasailed in Mexico.
23. I love to help people...guess that is one thing that makes a good nurse!
24. I love dogs
25. I love grass, and i'm not a fan of desrt landscape...:(
The remaining 25 will be coming soon to a blog post near you....


  1. Wow, you've done some fun stuff, lady! I love your blog. It's so cute and such a great outlet! Keep it up!

  2. I can't stand it when transplants mispronoune Nevada, too!

    So, what did you spend your $5,000 on?

  3. Dishwasher, trip to Disneyland...ooh la la, Luggage, clothes, and i do remember spending the cards on some others, but i don't remember. But I should have bought a coach bag, got a knock off now, so :)