Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daniel Powter-Bad Day (lyrics): aka Nurse Rants :)

I love blogging, I can spurt off and no one will care. I did have a way bad day last night, but in the end it was good. It just seemed like it would never stop...I wasn't on time for ANYTHING! Definetly didn't feel like nurse of the year. But you know what? I connected with my patients and I got compliments :). It was one of those nights I wish that I could pick up the phone and get the moral support from my mom. But, instance by instance I got it for myself. Like when I talked to a doctor...that was actually very pleasant to talk to...miracles do happen. I was lucky to drink and go to the bathroom, but I never took a break. I got out late this morning, but I left feeling good at what I'd done.


  1. Bad days happen. I'm sure it wasn't your first, nor will it be your last. You're in a tough spot, but hopefully this experience shows you have what it takes and that you are known and loved. Keep on gettin' up and showin' up. :)

  2. Oh thanks Kim. I'm learning everyday. Somedays are hard, but then I'm reminded of my blessings. =)