Sunday, June 6, 2010

Black Eyed Peas I got a feeling on Oprah Chicago Flashmob 24th

Hehehe... I was in the store tonight, gathering the ingredients for the Texas Caviar, recipe to follow. I kept saying outloud "now where are those black-eyed peas...followed by 'I gotta feeling, woo-hoo' in honor of the blackeyed peas I'm sharing again. :) p.s. Case your wondering, I was not in the store alone!


  1. Ha ha! I get stuck on stuff like that too. Thanks for sharing, I missed that flashmob. Fun!

  2. Way fun! I love the wave motions!

  3. So much fun, I never get tired of seeing that. Someday I would love to be part of a "mob" ....but I would totally throw everything off hahaha...well Christene has seen me at Zumba, Kim you will have to come!