Sunday, June 6, 2010

Too Good Not To Put in The Blog

One of the things that is fun about having a blog, whenever a story comes along...whether I was involved or its just one I want to share, guess what people? Its going in!! Now the following story does in fact, involve me. I am not bitter, I may have a sarcastic sense of humor..and might I add its good to have a sense of humor. I may have taken the following badly, but im not hahaha. Here goes. I was sitting in Relief Society next to "Sister J". I've known Sister J a long time, many moons ago when I was all of 19, we taught Sunbeams together. Sweet Lady. Well, the President of Relief Society was wrapping up her lesson, we sang the closing hymn. After the prayer, she says to me "Cindy, do you go to the singles ward after our block? Why don't you go there?" PS people.. she hadn't said hello during the whole block time. Now, back to the story. So, I said to her...Well Sister, I was a member of the Willow Springs Ward. And then I said, "I moved back into the ward because I'm past the age." With a smile on my face. Then Sister J replied...are you ready for this? "Oh, I didn't realize you were that OLD! You don't look it....carry on." To which I replied, through gritted teeth...that is just so sweet. Yup, thank goodness I've been drinking from the fountain of youth then. Thank you dear sister, I will carry on. ;) Be careful what you say....I may write about you!

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