Thursday, September 5, 2013

Late July and August... Last Minute Road Trips.

Another chapter of my exciting life...More to come. At least there is pictures ;)

Road Trip!!

On our way through the St George Gorge ;) 

I decided for road trip... Because I can. And hey, I needed to go to Mrs Freys for Cucumbers. 

Finally went into Tai Pan Trading. Fun store! I found a picture of my London... I was good and did not buy. I was on a budget.
We discovered this spit called Swig!!  If your in town make sure to stop and order a Dirty Diet Coke!
I might have a drinking problem.  ;)
While we were in St George, there was freaky thunderstorms with torrential downpours!! Almost broke my umbrella ! It followed us home....

See?!! Wahoo!!! :)

Thank you MaryHelen for my pickle lessons- I need picture lessons too. I tried and tried to flip to no avail. But aren't the pickles pretty? I am enjoying the canning!

This is my almost finished project. I just need to save money for the frame to match. $ 10 art from Rome!

And lastly Pinterest Success- birthday in a cup!! 

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