Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July in Denver!

I was able to take a whirlwind trip for the weekend. It went by way too fast, but I'm so glad to go back to Colorado, my home away from home! Just posting these pics quick-ill tell the stories later.

My first day was a marathon day! I left work and went to the airport. I got into Denver in the afternoon
My car rental was being used in the wildfires in Colorado Springs. But my reservation was honored at another location . The rental place was far from the airport! But luckily I found my way to the Westminster area. Pretty well on 24 hours!
I couldn't say it better myself.  :)
Went to a family BBQ, so fun!
Me and Edie , love this lady!

Because of the wildfires, in Colorado it was illegal too have personal fireworks. So each community had a fireworks ! So cool! Seriously one of the best I've seen and it was free! There had to have been 10,000 people there!

Met new people :)

Love this family pic.

36 hrs later...a new record
Seriously so happy to be here in cooler weather- 80s compared to 120s...

This is downtown Denver.

Is this not the best card?!
Saturday- went to the Springs for la lunch date with the Mortensen side :) 
Uncles Deans birthday w Aunt Barbara, Leigh and Rick. I wish I could stay longer!! 
Texas Roadouse...mmm!

Love!! After, I headed back to Denver and sure enough, I hit a storm again! Never fails.

Saturday evening I got to go see the playCurtains in Arvada. 

Sunday, me and Cyndi drove out go Redrocks!! So awesome! I'd love to see a concert there someday. It started to rain here too! Lol. Drove back and napped. We started Sunday Dinner-we made enchiladas from scratch. So good!!
A little close?!!

The two Cindy/Cyndi's :)

I will be editing this soon!! Bye for now. :)

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