Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finishing up August

So for the last week August, it ends with a bang! For my Friday, it starts with an afternoon trip to Costco. I can't believe what I saw?! No Freaking Way!
Yes. Christmas decorations just in time for September. Now where is the Christmas music? And yes I wished the cash register Happy Holidays, probably the first. You can't be too early.  ;)

After a mini trip to wholefoods and I was all set. I've discovered a love for dark chocolate w/sea salt and carmel. At wholefoods it was called salty dog or wet dog, LOL. But trust me, it's good!

I think Facebook is like gradeschool! For instance, seeing in my newsfeed mutual friends attending a party by another mutual friend... and then seeing- You Are Not Invited. Nice. Sigh. Not that fish taco night was going to be my social event of the week, it's not. But it would have been nice to see friends I haven't seen in awhile! Pssh. Oh well.. I made my own fish tacos ( I think they're better anyway) From Our Best Bites.. and since we're friends, I'll share the recipe- it's so good!!
No Cilantro Ranch, but Guacamole, heavenly- and here's a tip if you are scared to fry fish. Try the frozen beer battered fish and bake to instructions. Easy Peasy.

So after my fish taco dinner, I drowned my sorrows in Dirty Diet Coke and read a book listening to the rain.. it was great. The book is called A Way Back to You. Read it! Don't feel sorry for me...
Think Peggy Sue Got Married- Great Book!

Saturday was Diego's Baptism and Alison's brothers wedding reception- I love how creative it is! A candy store/ ice cream cart!! And a photobooth! I was at Target that afternoon trying to shop for a $20 budget wedding gift, and then I saw the registry. The bride and groom asked for an iPad!!

I thought this was good. Love PW.
I bought the bag and no tissue. So... I improvised with a thought in plan ; )
I'm here to make wishes come true. LOL!

Is that not awesome?!
Time to get loot :)

Congrats to the Bride and Groom! Hope they are not too mad :)

Getting eaten by shadows. With Theresa at BP! Friends 22 years and counting.

And... Brad Paisley!!!! Yee Haw! ; ). It was an awesome concert! I was up in those rafters again, but Brad was cool. He came to the back where we were and sang to us!!! The poor folk, LOL.

So as you can see.. Cinderella wasn't invited to fish taco night , but she had a ball . :p

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