Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all :)

Hi ya! Before October comes to a close... Let me blah blah blah, bloggity blog!
I hit a plateau in my blogginess, yeah I know that's not a word! Not blogging from an actual computer is tougher than I thought it would be. That's why I took a pause. I love fall. Fall means cooler weather, changing colors-well not where I live...Pumpkins,  Smelling Cinnamon Pinecones in the grocery store..

And seeing Christmas decorations ?! Yikes.
And... Conferences!! General Conference, Stake Conference... Time Out for women. I love hearing from our leaders! So let me roll to beginning Sept/ end of August

Met a new baby... This is my friend Crystal's son Ayden. So cute!

Fine tuned some new skills...
50lbs of peaches people, 50! Not all for me... I would d up canning my friends box , peaches ripened faster than we thought. Holy Moly. My submission for friend of the year :)
Love the color here..

And then came tomatoes... And some apples
I'm proud of my shelf.  :) But if your envious of the oatmeal - I'll share . Cause it's the right using to do...and cause I'm not a fan of oatmeal.
I saw the movie Austenland with Christene.. Great movie and book, along with Blackmoore.
Go read both now. Seriously. You will thank me.

I loved these memes.. One of my favorite quotes from conference- "Rise and Walk. HIS grace is sufficient. And you will not walk alone." - Timothy Dyches

Loot from Ladies Night- I won again!! The 17 miracles CD- the one on top is amazing, and im looking forward to trying to tackle that big book :)

And lastly, a quote from my fb. "Hot Water back in my house. Happy Friday!" The hot weather went out after 16 yrs!! Thank goodness only a slow leak and not a massive flood. All is well. 

Until next time...

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