Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Stuff.

November wizzed by!

It's that time of year again. Time to keep busy during the holidays. It's exhausting, but it helps. ❤️ My friends! We cranked out 10 pumpkin roll logs, took over six hours- started to wonder if I over worked the oven. And my quote of the night "As long as it tastes good, right?" These were given to friends and neighbors.

Kitchen is a disaster- and it's ok.

Then that weekend following pumpkin chaos we had Early Thanksgiving dinner with Lilly, Becky , Diego Allie , Joeleene and Jake. It was fun to do! Besides I wanted turkey! Never mind this was the first week of November.

I even decorated the house for Christmas early, crazy!

Braved the cold rain and went to the premiere of Catching Fire😊 I loved it!!! So good- I need to see it again!
Most importantly... Remembered My Mom ❤️

The day of moms anniversary, Theresa gave me a precious gift, a boxed set of Sound of Music- one of our favorite movies ❤️

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