Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today I feel alone. I felt like whoever I tried to call,  I couldn't. And that's ok.  I get it.  But gosh, I wish I could just have some random conversations with my Mom and Dad right now. I love my friends, but its your close family who you look to for reassurance that its going to be ok. I'm scared..and I'm frustrated right now. But, I do know that the Lord is mindful of me. But today it is hard...but you know what? Tomorrow is a new day and i'm so thankful for the blessings that I have been given. I just need to practice my faith more. I'm working on that.
I love this song...especially in the middle.

"If you are Lonely, Please know you can find Comfort.  If you are Discouraged, Please know youcan find HOPE. If you are poor in Spirit, Please know that you can be STRENGTHENED.  If you feel you are broken, please know that you can be MENDED."  - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

WOW. I just stumbled onto this quote from Elder Holland from my Pinterest collection. I needed this. Sorry if this is not a very happy post...but its a good post for me.